The E1B2 Collective

A Human First Collective of Brands & Practitioners built and design to change the way organizations design work and implement employee experience. We put people at the heart of everything we do and we do so by building a collective of brands, minds and perspectives to help us accomplish a bigger mission. Our collective design enables us to impact the world of employee experience at every level of an organization in a variety of different ways and functions; creating the frameworks that help brands operationalize our core perspective of putting “employees first business second.”

Startup EX

Startup EX is a Collective of rockstar partners/practitioners who have banned together to help late stage startups and small businesses operationalize and accelerate a thoughtful people operation strategy & employee experience (EX) strategy. Our transformation projects will teach your leadership team the EX fundamentals thus your brand will walk away with a proven process for reimagining work , a new world that your employees will love and your business will love

Monday Anticipation

We actively searching for speaking opportunities as well as (Career coaches/Consultants, Resume writers, Independent Recruiters, Career Development, & Staffing Firms : seeking partnerships and collaborations for our Beyond Resume Consulting initiative

Project 2030

Project 2030  is designed for active HR folks who desire to make it to the executive level for the first time. Project 2030 will outline perspectives, activities, and actions to enable you to propel your career. We found that unfortunately there is not a road map that guides any of us HR folk around how to become an HR leader and more specifically a CHRO/Head of People.We have set out to build that road map and support …

Beyond Brand Studios

A consulting firm that partners with your company during the very beginning stages of your hiring process to facilitate, educate and inspire your team to create interesting and informative conversations that will be streamlined to incoming applicants in the form of a podcast or video. Our goal is to not only help the brand make sure they are meeting with applicants that are truly on board with the current state of the organization; and  the hope is to also give employees an opportunity to be selfish and make a decision that’s the best for them! Our mission and purpose with the Podcast to help both the employee and the employer find internal and external peace/productivity throughout the recruiting, hiring and on-boarding process.

What People Are Saying

"Beyond Brand is helping us understand how we can be clearer to new joiners in what they should expect and how our day to day operations work, super helpful and has increased our retention"

“Startup EX simple, counterintuitive approach will help you eliminate bureaucracy and awaken the humanity within.”

“Thanks to Startup EX our employees don’t ask for permission to create change... they innovate continually.”

“Thanks for Anthony & Monday Anticipation I landed my dream job , doing my best work each and every day, lead by leaders who respect and support the “whole real me.”

Publication & Podcast Features

Meet the Collective

Anthony Vaughan
founder of the E1B2 Collective

Rasha Awwad
Beyond Brand Co-Founder

Laura Sukorokoff
Project 2030 Co-Founder

AJ Picard
Head of Design

Nhya Vanterpool
OG Founder, Strategist & Part-Time COO

Angela R Howard
Collective Partner (Startup EX)

Claire Chandler
Collective Partner (Startup EX)

Keith Fuller
Collective Partner (Startup EX)

Victoria Mattingly
Collective Partner (Startup EX)

Erin Miller
Collective Partner (Startup EX)